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More Precious Than Gold

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At first with us it was quiet and somber
Then a chance kiss lit up our hearts
Thoughts of that night we savored much longer
No fates of this world could keep us apart
We slept and we dreamt of what might be
If only all life could be so enshrined
Like leaves in the wind we danced to the sea
Tempest tossed we rose spirits entwined
Though only a start for what was to come
Through a gale we shared more than most ever know
Spent and giddy we turned the bow home
Not knowing and afraid we both turned to go
Time passed. What could the future hold?
Then I saw your sweet smile! More precious than gold

"Would mine fair lady ever consider"

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Would mine fair lady ever consider
I should be so brazen to propose such
Life as her other half now and forever
Living together, at first without much.
Your loving presence is much admired
Only Nemo has witnessed such wonder
Unselfishly careful to those mothered
Maudlin actions put pride asunder.
A simple quaver of my lady's brow
Rejuvenates this inamorato;
Reflexes restricted to a mere bow
Yet somehow, the love I hold, you just know.
Mis sue˛os contienen uno punto
Estoy feliz cada acta junto.


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"I'm sorry, but I must leave you dear wife.
I must go away and collect my thoughts.
I cannot go on living this sad life
For it is myself I have not sought."
The distraught young man got into his car,
Leaving a wife and little boy behind.
Inside his mind, he wanted to be far.
Brand new life was what he wanted to find.
Destination: California. Why yes!
That was the place where the young man would go.
"I will find myself there," he later guessed.
It would be himself he would get to know.
Years would pass and he would find another
With his wife, their son, and new small brother.

Game Winner

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I stood on the mound and got ready to hurl
looked up in the crowd saw a pretty ass girl
I threw the first pitch and it was a strike
I threw the second it took a nice flight
The leftfielder ran and jumped on the wall
I looked to see if he caught the ball
He got up slowly but stood strong and tall
Next thing you know the umpire made the call
He put his hand up and said he was out
Whipped off my sweat and I said no doubt
I got up to bat with two men on base
I kind of felt nervous and stood in one place
The pitcher finally threw the ball
Hit it so hard it went over the wall

Not Two Ropes

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Let us knot shadow this bright Friday night
While stiffened manhood brims with moaning size
As gentle lady comes wet circles tight
And writhes back arching under cotton skies.
O no, we intertwined shall always steal
Locked secrets kept safe in respected heads,
All games forgotten. Our clothes fast unpeeled
And scattered overhand near fragrant beds.
Then Monday we glide home crestfallen sadly
Soft memories inside our bodies bound
We'll convalesce at homes and chatroom gladly
Strike adventures new for our next go-round.
Of spiraling and true mark we'll surely not miss
A Tiffany ringed pleasure, I simply insist.

Sonnet 2000

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Once upon a cold icy winter's day,
Snow drops of winter travelling away,
There's no one, no one out today to play,
The sun's not out or its beautiful rays.
So once again every winter's day,
All you see is layers layers of ice.
The sun has gone and will not come out to play.
There are no leaves on trees no golden spice.
Winter puts many people in the dumps.
Have you wondered why winter's so white?
In the winter the snow has lumps and bumps.
In winter you hardly get any light,
In winter you find jack-frost starts to thump.
Winter is so cold that it gives you the bumps.

My Knight

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Some many years ago my knight did ride
With flashing smile and hair of golden hue.
A reigning prince upon his steed, astride
In shining armor, he was clad anew.

Against the blackest velvet rode my brave
Equipped for battle I the quest to win.
In training, time was spent to seek and save
Fair youthful maiden chained in dragon's den.

From lonely caves to beaming shades of day,
With chival deed and speed, he swept my feet
And heart in glissful flight from miry clay
To heights untold and love's celestial seat.

In royal robes together riding high
In love's unyielding hold until we die.


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Our dreams give us the means to stay alive,
A dream is always father to the thought,
And all our thoughts make our reality,
So cultivating dreams is what we ought.
If you insist a thing's impossible,
Impossible for you to have or be,
Then you are almost certain to be right,
What you believe makes your reality.
But if you reach for rainbows in your dreams,
And see the future possibilities,
You're likely more to find them coming true,
More real than just a passing fantasy.
So fantasize and dream the foolish dreams,
Life can be more astounding than it seems.

My Wife Of Time

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When in wait, time can drive one mad.
With every word of nonsense so fluent in turn.
Even easily understood to learn and bring end to yearn,
Soon appears such glee as glad in an unstructured sad.
And as silent as old strings on a soothing violin,
But also as fragile, peers a peevish laboring wisdom to gain.
So piercing the new born brain, in hope to farther stain,
A moonlike dew which cues the dawningįs end.
To flee from the fire, lukewarm and destitute,
Ever so to create country air. This feminist desire,
Filled with resolute, finds a face in truth to admire,
And a faith in its tooth as for eye's eye is minute.
But as her success, fortune, and freewill still remains alive,
So shall her obedient reverence of love continue to strive.

My Break Dancing Career

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Smooth glides on the floor I cannot forget
The floor master I was once called,
has now become a story tale for all
Break dancing was fun; It was my life
Doing flips and flops I once performed,
will remain memories I canįt forget
I had the power, I had the strength
My techniques were crazy, all minds went blank
I controlled the dance floor, round after round
Each of my blows you'll say get out of town
Those adversaries who once tested me,
lost the battle and begged for me mercy
Crowds cheered and showed me nothing but their fear
A legend I shall be, feed me your tears


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What thoughts could come into one's endless mind?
For loneliness and darkness captures all.
The mind doth twist and change the things it finds
It may just cause the end and death of all.
The silence of the darkness down the pit
Presents the fact that life is nothing more.
An ambiguous entity is lit
I see the figure of the end in gore.
The crash and tremble of the awesome kind
Has now been deathly forgotten, I die.
The paroxysm that subdued my mind
Is now a faux, my life had been a lie.
Before I look at the night sky once more
My mind thinks back and tells me what itįs for.

The True World

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This world is nothing more than selfishness;
We should be loving others, and we hate:
Sometimes I think it's possibly too late
For us to seek out full, real happiness.
How is it people feel true joyfulness,
When life is just a long and tedious wait?
Before the judgment day, we meet with fate,
Which freely gives us total helplessness.

How do we live our lives and really cope,
Within a seemingly sheltered fam'ly home?
So many human beings live in hope -
A vision of the future yet-to-come:
The knowledge that they're bound by endless rope -
All caught and trapped, till whence they see their tomb.

For All the Mamacitas

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To my dear, my love, my inspiration
You are the one that I love and need
You fill my life with joy and elation
My expectations, you more than exceed

To express my love, I dance and I sing
This large smile, I cannot take off my face
I thank you, for all the joy that you bring
I hope I belong only in your place

Your great beauty grows with each passing day
In my eyes, you'll always be lovely
You're always on my mind, from June to May
That's why I'll always hold you above me

Your gorgeous figure is always a tease
My wild fiery loins, only you can please!
                 (H.L...u know who u are, 143! woo hoo)


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The power of a rainstorm rules the night
And thunder echoes through the raging wind
As lightning stains the sky with ghostly light
A stormy night is coming to an end.
The starlight on black velvet of the sky
Is challenged by the monster from the east
The early morning stars will vainly try
Alone to face the anger of the beast.
As daylight through my window makes its way
Awakening again my deepest fear
I keep my eyes closed firmly and I pray
Although I know for certain you're not here.
Hesitant eyes confirm again, you're gone
Yet suffering prevails, thus comes the dawn.

The Storm

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The sky grew dark all around the big house.
The dog barked and the lizard ran about.
Everyone was worried, even the mouse.
The child and the son started to pout.
Then the lightning came and the thunder too,
The rain poured down as the house turned silent.
There was nothing that anyone could do.
The weather outside was harsh and violent.
The fog set in as it covered the land.
The hail came down with every flash of light.
It's like God started it with his own hand.
This storm happened on a cold summer night.
The bad storm continued for endless days;
This one storm showed God's mysterious ways.

Only In My Dreams...

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Only in my dreams do I see her love.
Into the deep night I do lay awake,
Think of all we had, looking up above.
My feelings and love for her, no mistake.

What am I without her there by my side,
I am simply me, yet not. I'm sinking.
Warm tears flow with hurt, pain, and strife; I cried.
Just thinking of she, that's all, just thinking:

Do I love someone that has none for me;
Do I still care for her? My thoughts a mess.
To these questions, the answers now I see
With all my heart and soul, many times, oh yes.

But my love for her, not enough, it seems.
Her love, I guess, just only in my dreams.


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As our graduation day is approaching
Many mixed feelings are running through our head
We band together to help each other with the coping
Keeping in mind everything everyone has said

Holding tight to the memories that we share
Waiting and hoping of things that may come
Somtimes it seems like we shouldn't even care
Wondering why things just work out for some

Some people always seem to get the break
While the rest of us have to work at it
I guess life gives us what we have to take
And we take it because that's all we get

In the end we'll all have our judgement day
And that will be all that we have to say


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It was not fair, the angel had to leave.
She was taken away, it is not fair.
Why she had left me, I still can't believe.
Why can't she just be one life God could spare?

I feel as though it's all my fault she's gone.
She fought to her last breath with all her might.
Her silent slumber forever lasts long.
My innocent one slowly lost the fight.

The moon looks full, but inside it's empty.
She did not get to see this world for long,
Slowly a new person is made of me.
All though she's not here, my life must go on.

As thoughts of her tunnel throughout my mind,
My memories of her I hope to find.

True Love isn't something brought or sold

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True love isn't something brought or sold
It keeps you close to those you care for
It is something in your soul that makes you bold
And helps to keep your life from being tore
A child may be born, when all the nights
And days become to long and a man makes it all right
Then in prayer you ask to be saved and changed
The lord will then look upon those things arranged
And promise you a better plan not to live alone
In the promise land where your true love and you belong
Make no plans for that day for your true love
Cause on that day you'l need no gloves
For heaven is full of love, that keeps you warm
So do not worry or stress about the storm

What Your Feelings Tell Me

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It is ambiguous; what your feelings tell me.
Can't tell if you feel playful like the summer breezes
Chasing one another in and out of the birch trees.
Or cold and bitter; icy to freeze.

Your expression's always blank - are you there?
Can't tell if you're depressed like the humpback whales
Forever being hunted by men who don't care.
Struggling to break free; swishing their tails.

Are you mad at me? Or have you lost control?
Your feelings don't tell me; they're in a swirl.
You sad? You don't have no protocol?
Tell me your feelings, you stuffed-toy girl.

Though your face's like a doll's and you can't even blink,
You can't do naught but make me think.


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A man hides behind a toil of endless hour,
A vision of power but a reality of fragility.
A woman waits and waits upon moments
on moments and seconds on minutes on hour.

A hopelessness won on a losers parade,
of boots spat clean and a mind rubbed raw.
Reverie deep over rivers of rot,
self esteem shot to shite, stifled and poor.

How a life can be lived with barely a soul,
How can a life be lost with barely a toll?
A cavern of doubt, dirge and despair,
a crevice of dirt, darkened by fear.

I hope upon hope that all hope is sound
and that someone close has a life to be found.

Castle in the Sky

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Dawn light, in its timeless cycle, sweeps bright
A valley, green, white, and hushed serene.
Perfection's true likeness does seem quite trite,
But a finer sight would be just a dream.
The sun's rays smart pleasant on one's face,
As the tract below stirs and blossoms fair.
Gently, Monda builds up its daily pace,
And early sounds rise soft through the clear air.
The shimmering heat sets the currents free,
And a hawk glides past o'er this blessed land,
So rich in all that is good natureįs spree,
And so reflective of the Makerįs hand.
Fears and worries fade to a distant cry;
Here is peace, in this castle in the sky.

A Vision of the New War

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A stone garden of summertime blooms,
As unwed maids watch, listen and mourn,
Unleashed missiles of the new war booms,
As menįs souls rise up, angels are born,
Planes and ships that pass by night and day,
Bleeding and shooting with fire all ‚round,
Freedom from terror is what they will say,
Grief of war is a terrible sound,
Painted portrait, an unfinished face,
The sun dawns dark when battle is done,
A fan that flutters caught up in lace,
It is a gamble just who has won,
Above the new dew and morning mist,
Posted names that are not missed on lists

Eye of the Storm

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The storm-ridden seas grew quiet and calm
As the clouds and wind angelically part
The rugged looking sailors stop their psalms
And they look to their Captain for a start

The waves of hail and monsoons stop coming
An arc of well-awaited light shines down
The upper deck crew starts quietly humming
The noble Captain returns with a frown

As the ship rocks ominously forward
Riding out the treacherous, chilly wave
Everyone prayed to the Heavens of Lord
For this ship they tried desperately to save

The Captain looked toward his boys and cried
"Let us keep the wise Gods on our good side!"

Sonnet Number 3

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The world today bereft of meaning belies
The very art and soul to make it sing
So wondrous loud a song with notes that fly
On wings of faith and joy that hope doth bring.
For when such feelings are in scant supply
Then all around us desolation reigns
And hearts that should be gladdened merely die
From want of love and kindness for our pains.
We take to us the things we feel we must
The baubles beads and bangles that we buy
We horde ourselves a bright and shiny trust
Of well baked hallelujahs in the sky.
We lay aside our souls and we grow fat
But we will meet our God so tend to that.


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