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Piano Muse

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One minute he conducts a dazzling display--
my fingers -- controlled, yet loose and wild,
untethered by doubt, brazen as the child
who, sprung from his goddess motherĦs cave,
spied a turtle and knew at once to scrape
the green-grey marrow and make a lyre
of the shell. Crowing in concert of our guile,
we perform a fiendish genius cabaret.

The next-- heĦs bored; craves untried sport,
another trick-- and IĦm left high and dry
shuffling solo with mismatched chords,
slower than the fated tortoise-- every note a lie.
The audience sighs, withdraws support,
closes weary eye after eye after eye.


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It comes and goes like a feast for the starved.
Fantastic secrets of which there are few.
Slices in the river often are carved,
And many minds are left standing askew.
By flow of land or dents made in the sea.
You create your own, your medium: clay.
Weave the carpet, walk it and you shall be.
Sit still and forever here they will stay.
Swallowed by the sand or tearing grey whisps,
Knitting the soil or placing the edges.
The last grain has fallen and lava crisps.
All has been cast off of mammoth ledges.
And now, when everything has been ceased,
Will you be taken, remade, or released.

Sonnet to my Beloved 1

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Amazingly I found the one who loves
without reservation, who gives me life
and hope and breath. Someone who stirs and moves
my heart to tears, ne'er causing hate nor strife.
My love adjourns from her daily duties,
faithfully cleaving herself to my heart.
She loves me! Not by force or by duty
that wears thin, causing the weakened to part.
I stand awed, knowing that even the trees
blush aside shamed by your beauty. Wonder
overcomes my soul and springs inside me.
I grow faint, I desire no other.
Through time and to'l and all hostility,
I found the one for all eternity.

Fourteen Liner

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It is a curious conglomeration of words
Tried and mastered by the greats,
Rossetti, Shakespeare, Tennyson and Yeats,
Where punctuation finds no restricted accords,
What is natural, not confined, affects its rewards:
Sentences, clauses, and phrases are not its straits:
Images, sounds and if-you-do rhymes determine its fate.

Ah, but there are some fixed forms
Like that certain familiar fourteen liner,
Most eminent of the complete poems,
Yet, alas--nor is not subject to any norms:
Shelly's "Ozymandias" refuses fitting any class
Shakespeare's double negatives incites moans
And this, a first attempt, don't ask.

Yellow Rose

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Shall I compare thee to a yellow rose?
Thou always art lovelier and fairer
Winds of life sprinkle rain on your sweet nose
If anyone should know it's you, I care

Sometimes too long before the cherries bloom
The pink complexion of your sweet blush
Your hairs, when touched like a sweet plume
I see your lovely face, thy face all flush.

From a glance I see your lush golden hair
Thy sparkling brown eyes shine in the fair sun
Ah but what a lovely lady how fair
Dancing with you under sunlight quite fun

So long as the warm summer will never end
In all of my love for you, will not end

Sonnet #14

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Oh man of action, why must you posture
Like golden statue transfixed on jewels.
Ye work clay to immortalize sculpture,
Yet cast perception through empty pools.
It is the eyes, always the eyes, that lack
The vision of light that is essential
To a great piece of art. Puddles to black
Stonewall thy gift of certain potential.
Always a glimpse of a flaw turns my guise.
I delight in the skill of perfection,
Where the all of emotion spirit the eyes,
And capture the climax of expression.
Did not the Gods discipline creation,
Then give man freedom to achieve the prize?


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You bet I couldn't reach the Southern Cross:
That starlit blossom rope at midnight hours;
Your own attempts had led to bitter loss;
Despite your climb up white cathedral towers.
In youthful pride I said I'd prove you wrong,
And with my Venus cap I took to flight;
My frenzied state knew not mind's warning song;
I chided darkness in my search for light.
With trembling hands I grasped that evening flame,
And boldly placed God's temple in your arms;
The consequence of making such a claim?
Incessant burns: we suffer still its harm.
I stole what wasn't ours in blindness bold;
I was in love: my eyes the truth did fold.

My Life

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I sing of Limp Bizkit, Nirvana, and Korn,
Of Creed, but I don't like the song called "Torn,"
I dream of angle, clouds, dolphins, and cars,
Of pets and also big chocolate bars,
I write of school, love friendhip, and memories,
Of heartbreak, t.v., and climbing tall trees,
I dream of college, dorm rooms and more,
Of my family in tears as I walk out the door.
Of cucumber melon and tangerine spice,
Of freshia, country apple, and everything nice,
I write of dogs, cats, birds, and fish,
Of pigs that wouldn't like to be put on a dish,
I dream of all things on this earth,
The nice things, the bad things, for all that it's worth.

Aunt Liz

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Aunt Liz was close to God, our father above
everyone loved her in my family
when I think of her I think of deep love
one day just lke her, I would like to be
She baby sat me when my mom was busy
when she was with me she turned into a kid
I went to malls and zoos with Aunt Lizzy
she loved the games we played as much as I did
Whenever together we were best friends
in my childhood I hated when we were apart
she helped me acheive and straightened my bends
she was there to help me, right from the start
Now she's up in heaven, a much better place
and she'll look down on me with her shining face


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As air grew drier, dust thickened, & he wallowed untrimmed.
A hundred cows collapsed, their ribs spoke, "You will also fade."
The once-green leaves at the tip of meat & bone branches dimmed.
Deep-smile of inner body left & took a siesta under an oak's shade.
Wheat bent backward in sorrow as in its last pirouette.
The old man on the cliff sacrificed another goat to the sun, so the blood would sow.
Weather lost its patience -- no longer temperate.
Babies stopped feeding, & fingernails would not grow.
Clairvoyant prostitutes knew worse stood ahead for it was only May.
Asking self & soil's wealth, why does the scarecrow have more flesh than thee?
Stomachs crusted, green moss fell from rocks; an hourglass of survival each day.
Afternoon wind blew the settled dust from rooftops & trees -- one could not see.
A cycle as ancient as memory itself; each season declines.
The corpse of a failed harvest gives richness to the golden hills & all that shines.

Coke or Speech

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I want to practice my speech everyday.
I want to learn to say give me a coke.
Or maybe ask how much money to pay.
I might even want a cherry coke float.
I could talk to the parrot on T.V..
That pops the top on a coke then glub glubs.
If I buy a coke for my girl and me.
But my mom won't let me go in a pub.
If I improve my speech I can keep score.
I can argue with my tennis players.
When tennis balls land inside the lined floor.
With speech, I can tell them to go or stay here.
I want to practice my speech everyday.
I want to talk with my friends and play.

From Love Comes Poetry

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I know not words that fit my angel's eyes,
Or words that cling to all my lover's care;
If ever I read words that spoke her cries,
I'd scold them at the plagery they dare;

In love, meer words: they pale to feelings true;
Try not to capture feelings with a pen,
But translate love through writing, if you do,
Then through-and-through your love will reach no end;

Indeed, a poem's power is devine,
But never can it take the place of love,
Consider it not flesh, nor blood, but mind,
And never will it kill the love thereof;

So yes, it breathes your soul in words, but still,
A poem takes not place of love to fill.

To the Stars

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I lie awake wrapped in the blanket night
Arched overhead the dew of heaven shines
Which, unobscured by man's most modern light,
once formed great heroes, joined by man-made lines
These Gods, more formed by observation
than measure of the void they sought to fill
Shine just as bright in my imagination
as ever they have done, or ever will

But suddenly the streetlights pierce my eyes
and turn the sacred night to garish day
I watch, through tears, as sweet Diana dies
For modern man did nights kind goddess slay
If ever from our errors man does learn
perhaps the magic spirits will return


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There is a strange and blissful cur that drains
and draws the life of all that has value.
It makes one sad to see its pale birth strains,
and watch the vital breath give way to new
exciting colors of gray eve. The light
which fades makes all the world around it dark.
It is a marvelous and dreary sight
to see as angels flutter down to hark.

Though often demons claw their way t'ward sky
to wait for he who may be clinging on
to pointless fear and hopeless sin. Death's sigh
must chill his mortal bones. The beggar cons
and charms away the poor foolĦs instrument.
I wonder, now. Shall this be how I end?

Ode to Summer

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It's summer, long days of sleeping and fun,
Camping with my home boys, bonfires and smores,
Parking the golf carts, taking a mile run,
Sneaking out in the boat, ditching Mom's chores,
Doing donuts on the Jet Ski with Jen,
Listening to music, is Napster all gone?
Reading Harry Potter, once more again,
Getting up at noon, thinking it is dawn,
Pontoon cruises, sneaking out in the car,
Attempting to wakeboard, painful but fun,
I'm happy, no cares, I feel like a star
No worries, just chillin', fun in the sun,
Saying goodbye to summer, no more pool,
I'm going back to the real world, and school.

Friends Forever

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People should have a group or a clique
A small group they can call their own
Friends together they will all stick
And talk the gossip on the phone

There to hang with on Friday nights
To go to the movies or mall
There to help in case of a fight
To catch each other when they fall

People to laugh and to joke with
To cry with during times of pain
People to share your secrets with
To walk home with in, through the rain

Everyone will be friends forever
Friends they will all be together

Waiting to be Filled

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It seems again I've been misunderstood
Thought you'd be the one to see clearly through
Cause I have been invisible for good
When was it that I disappeared for you?

My skin is a vanilla birthday cake
It's hungrily before you to be sliced
And when there is no more for you to take
Pray swiftly to your so-called Jesus Christ.

My shallow grave is waiting to be filled
You'll be there dutifully with rake and spade
Tell everyone it wasn't me you killed
I've always wanted to abruptly fade.

After all it is love you would not lend
And it's my heart that could not mend.

Ode of a Humpty Grumpty

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Amazed by mewling stars, untouched by time,
still puking, young as ever, wise men don't fear
old bones and death, for age can be sublime
when shifted to the lean and slippered year,
a welcome sea of calm. It's loss of sense
to music, passion, song and laughter, kiss
of wife or daughters, sun and rain, commence
to haunt him more. No life prepares a man for this.

Wrapped in vinegar and soft brown paper
half his battling breadth; nevertheless, how
(not why, or if) to applaud the lifelong caper
is what preoccupies his gazing--now
he knows no sages, no poets, no singing men,
can put Humpty Grumpty together again.

Still with Me

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Everything remains the same in my heart deep,
I still see your eyes shinning back at me,
And will always see your smile when I sleep,
You still haunt me and you won't let me be,
How can I stop this ghost deep down within,
Your still with me, no matter what i do,
Why start now? Why didn't you haunt me back then,
Why did I ever think that you could be true,

I realized though, I was wrong about your ghost,
It can't haunt me if I don't think about it,
I won't think about how I miss you most,
I will try and do my best to forget,

Your memory is gone now, like yesterday,
But I will always remember this day.

Love Is Lost

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You keep your distance, I can't deny you,
You keep your wishes, I'll keep my feelings,
I got the feeling, I can't satisfy you,
There goes another that kept me breathin',

The things you told me, to hear you speaking,
You're bringing me closer to yesterday,
I'm burning slowly, I'm growing weak-linked,
Yesterday is a million miles away,

You keep me waiting, but for what reason,
If you don't love me, I can't make you stay,
The roller coaster ride's a lonely one,
This I feel is the dawn, it fades to gray,

I'm waiting for you, I know you're leavin',
I'll still adore you, You'll never need me.

Old Reunion Sonnet

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Spring beckons return to that same gnarled oak
His idled soul soothed by its passive heart
Two chaste crusaders, one vision apart
Transposed dreams of depleting winter cloak
Life flow stirs afresh, time long-past evoke
Strong fervent prayer, 'tis understandments part
Soul-time psalm expires, penance soon depart
Beguile thy spirit, blessed one awoke

But morn' shall bring new fullness with faint dawn
With another parable concept repealed
Blown to fresh corners, far mastery concealed
Thy remembrance lost touch that it doth spawn
Cast cryptic runes as Holy plan revealed
Pull fast thy dark realm, forever withdrawn

Western Civilization

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Fop! Your white gloves are really quite tight,
And almost pompously, your lipsĦ red;
I may snap your frail wrists in moonĦs bitter light
Or cradle you softly in a doveĦs heaven-bed.
I have witnessed erosion on beaches at dusk;
How the strings of your heart seem to crumble;
And the scent of your eyelids--guiltless drunk lust;
In the mist of your breath, IĦll willingly stumble.
I hear you swallow sweet--I suddenly know
That your faint ribs are heaving in the cold,
And my enraged passion melts the snow;
I find that when you speak, your eyes are old;
Virgin pupils and harsh wrinkled irises damp and fair
Your body is glowing with every rare hair.

The Right Choice

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I see him standing there out of my reach.
His dark brown hair waves softly in the breeze.
I move closer to him and breathe his scent.
But he turns and walks far away from me.
When I'm alone I want him close to me.
But it's not him that I need it's his warmth.
He's just a temporary solution.
For in my heart he's not the one I want.
So I'll restrain from returning to him.
I'll wait it all out till The One comes.
I'll see the sun rise in His golden eyes.
His ruby red smile will welcome me.
I'll be alone no more, I can now see.
For eventually He will come and find me.


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