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To Fabiana

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Most every night I share my bed with thee,
Though it is true that you are never there.
As soft and clear your vision comes to me
The perfume of your presence fills the air.
My gaze is fixed in your beguiling eyes.
These lips that never touch yours still do taste
Of your sweet kiss. My breath does fall and rise
In time with yours. My soul is with yours graced.
I try to fill my mind with other dreams
In vain attempt to quench this inner flame.
But I cannot forget you, for it seems,
The night wind teases my ears with your name.
Permit me, love, to dream of you at night,
To have this way, that which I never might.

"Miracle of life, so unexplained"

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Miracle of life, so unexplained.
Who made this world? So sad and uptight,
And left it here for us, to try to explain.
We try to decide the best of light,
But why choose between black or white
If we can have it all? Here, let's exclaim
And see what it holds. The greatness of rain
May be our response, with thunder so bright.

The Miracle of life is in his hand
Power-full enough to brighten the sky.
Take it or leave it, the end is along
The day will come, life will wave its wand.
And everyone here will see eye to eye.
The greatness of life, anchored and known.

Things Change

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As boredom enters into people's lives,
A moment of brevity thoughts arise;
To some they ponder but others to swipe
The active, most precious, thing in their eyes
Hard to come by and easy to elude
Many shall see and know but to them no
Another's dilemma won't be and should
A great task of kindness that they could show
When said and done, well, you might not see it
A change occur in that one person's life
But in the end or whenever just sit
Remember your simple act that was ripe
Turn into what we all wanted back then
A person who is your comrade your friend.

For Sara

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A Valentine is just a paper heart;
Two curving lines connected, colored red.
And objects of great beauty, skill or art
Will not express the things that might be said.
And fancy rhyming words could never start
To quote the feelings blooming in my head.
And yet on special holidays like this,
I find that I resort to these and such.
But every glance and gaze, caress and kiss
Will surely show I love you very much.
With ecstasy beyond analysis,
Our lips and hearts and minds and spirits touch.
Because of love, my heart was first created,
And through your love, it's been regenerated.

Me, I'd say you alone were like Heaven

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Me, I'd say you alone were like Heaven
A beacon to the world, a unique soul.
Your peace outpowers the great Seas Seven.
In your heart there is left a gaping hole.

Warmth shines from your mercy, your soul, your grace.
You hold strong when the world seems to come undone.
I can feel your thoughts when I touch your face
In my heart I know you're the only one.

Still, away I am drawn by an unseen pull.
A force in my heart taking me away.
I was sure that of you my soul was full
Yet left is a part that is not so gay.

If I could I'd surely make my love true.
If only I could, I'd love only you.

"To write a poem for one's true love should be"

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To write a poem for one's true love should be
A simple task for one whose heart is true
But as I am beginning to forsee
My current task will never be quite through.
If people see these words as a good way,
To make my feelings of my love be known
I disagree, I think they're a stockade
Into whose depths I feel I have been thrown.
For words and rhyme, they cannot show how I
Would feel, instead my thoughts they do suppress.
And if i made this poem ten pages high
One hundred more it'd take to tell the rest.
So if you say my poem you wish to see
I'd have to say I guess my poem is me.

Words to the Hopeless (Romantic)

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Beware, my friend, where your affections lie,
For fast-revealed intentions come to naught.
The careless archer's arrow loosed to fly;
On Hermes' winged feet runs the love you sought.

Overzealous love meets with apathy
Then only dreaming eyes can see his face
And in your hand remains a broken key.
He never sees the tears rain down your face.

Revelation? The end is not yet told.
Now, in suffering silence you must live,
The cold embrace of loneliness enfold;
And now realize you have no heart to give.

So now, my friend, take care to guard your heart,
That it may avoid hatred's ugly dart.

A foiled escape from Cell-block 68

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I crouched atop this levy late last night,
Evading destined time in County Pen.;
And saw their dogs sprint 'neath town's harsh search lights--
I fought in vain to get away from them.

A splash! ...the hell? I pricked my ears upright
And crept toward the levy's concrete rail.
I peered through shrubs, still hiding in twilight,
And choked a gasp, but screeched to no avail!

There must have been a herd of fifty-five,
These little guys repelling left and right,
I stood there, still, to watch this suicide;
Intrepid vermin died as they took flight.

Imprisoned for as long as I'm alive,
Caught watching goddamn lemmings take a dive.


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Across a field prickled with cactus and palm
Through air that trembled with the breath of spring
Exalted, I was dazed, affirmed, and calmed
By a profile that encompassed everything.
The radiant light that circumstance had dimmed
The photosynthesis of sycophants
Created and destroyed my dearest friend;
Her touch is the most sinful sacrament.
With mortar made of diamond-dust and blood
I'll build four walls of opal, quartz, and jade
I know they're right; I'll suffer for her love
But this is Paradise the Earth has made.
In tangled roots, I'm fuel to feed the sun
She prefers to have me near, but needs no one.

Zombie Sonnet

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Hey luv, you wanna hike around a bit?
Souvignon Blanc's a'muddled up my head --
How 'bout a game of Kick the Can -- you're it,
I win -- we'll spy on oak leaves playing dead

In rotten heaps they mass, cry "All for one!"
and plan a creepy resurrection; we
will join the creepy, ghoulish freaks & run
amok cavorting sacrilegiously

We'll fall together, trip into their graves,
their bones will crush to dust beneath our backs --
as chilly wind roils overhead in waves,
their corpses rustle up & cover tracks

Our toes dig in deciduous dismay
like mulish roots as August sprints away

"In the morning I am awakened by"

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In the morning I am awakened by
The wind in the trees. Beckon me to surf.
There are almost no clouds in the blue sky.
The water is moving alive and with verve.

In a fog rushing to my neighbor's door,
I aroused him from his peaceful rest,
To tell him to move himself to the shore,
In the hard blowing wind to try our best.

Large combers hasten with foam to the beach,
Inviting us to mount our glistening boards,
And ride with the speed of dolphins racing each,
Other with their tails thrashing like wild swords.

Riding the crest is an addicting thrill,
I remember those happy fun times still.


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From Eden born of heaven here on Earth,
She's blessed with angels' kisses since her birth.
In truth, pure lust does guide my heart's desires,
Though songs of sex seems all that she requires.

I said, "Instead of love's debates again,
Delight we dine on love before it dims,
Forego the bonds of breechcloth, chaste and bound,
But gather we the fruit before the ground."

Did I then place the mote within her eye
To sway her heart to sin? Could I deny
The sudden warmth embraced me, she, her heat,
How burning flesh did meld when it did meet?

Passion passes none whose lips gladly taste
And pities pious privilege its waste.

Friends Forever

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As friends forever we'll each do our part,
Sticking together through the thick and thin,
Keeping the other so dear to our heart
Smiling at the times of "Remember When?"
Trials, triumphs, tribulations and sorrow
Wishing for the good times and even the bad
If only you could be here tomorrow.
Nothing could replace the times we've had.
I'll have to agree that old friends are best.
Sad and true, this road won't last much longer
But I know that it is only a test.
You're my inspiration in all you do;
When asked about the best, I'll say it's you.

The Bad Novel I Shall Never Write

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Would be self-justification at length,
The righteousness of frowning slow recall
Of things done, meant for then, now taking strength
By being present when I think of All:
Self-acts, creative of symbol and guilt.
Such unappeasables would be my fiction,
And the need to generalise from Me,
Built in, and out, of failures. Alternation
Of past and pleasure, memory and pain
Wanting verse like death, goes on like prose
In some further version of detail and doubt.
No: leave the telling, the time-faking, out.
My true story? Anonymous it goes,
Back circling childhood, rattling like a train.

Everything to Me

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His mysterious eyes so deep and dark.
His graciously smooth skin of golden tone,
His body touches mine with loving spark.
His precious, endless time with me alone,
His lips soft as the most delicate rose,
His luscious kiss can always melt my heart.
His romantic, manly scent to my nose,
His togetherness brought by cupid's dart.
His warm arms around me hold me tight.
With him, there's no where else I'd rather be.
His surroundings only bring me delight.
His face, the only one I want to see.
The best part is, he is more than meets the eye.
His personality shines through like the sun through the sky.

Love Sonnet No. 1

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When we met, we walked the lake.
Your magnetism drew me, I touched your space.
But were you ready, I couldn't read your take.
Was my attraction simply in your face?

Our first date, at Sydney's we eat.
We come together, your beautiful face I must kiss.
But for you there's still another you must meet.
I love what I see, but you're not ready for bliss.

Frank, open discussions are heart's on display.
But you're not ready and say, "Go slow, or I'll run."
My passion won't be quelled, I'm Vesuvius. Watch out Pompeii!
Indeed, it took a rainbow framed mountain to realize true love had begun.

We now go as sweet Valentines back to the mountain's top.
Is she ready? A question, when there's love, now matters not.

Nursing in Temiscaming

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There are those who practice the art of care,
They smile, wash, and tend our broken bodies,
Accept our moans and fears with eye so fair,
Calm pain by voices made of melodies.
Dear nurse, though mother, daughter, lover be,
While home, here, permit this transformation,
To coddle, and pamper, and cover me,
Thus turn illness into restoration.
Shall I name and call you each, sans frivole?
Pascale, Lyne, Louise, Annie, and Elise,
Renee, Richard, Josee, Carole, Nicole,
Nathalie, Gilberte, Joelle, and Denise,
Bridgitte, Eliane, Jackie, and Helene,
Melanie,Tammy, Diane, and Karen.

Long's the Time

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Long's the time 'tween when my lover takes me
Into his smooth boughed fragrant embraces
Where safe from worldly woes yearning to be
Become we one thus seeking releases.
Demeter's beauteous flowers can't dim
His golden tipped staff of nectar laced love
Nor can Vulcan fashion hotly within
Love's glorious power surging above.
At last on heaven's mountaintop we sigh
Sweet breaths rising into mists encircling
Souls united until Time's forlorn cry
Warns ecstasy's bloom of its quick ending.
Restricted, forbidden cursed to the grave
Past eternity I, for you, will save.

It's About Time I Write a Sonnet

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Anonymous, oft-quoted chap, said long
Ago, "Time marches on." Well, I for one
In part now challenge 'Non's phenomenon.
Time varies much. This marching tempo's wrong.
Where's marching time the hours we would prolong
As during tests, it's "Time!" though scarce' begun?
Where's time's parade when, like a relay run,
We must leave those with whom the ties are strong?
Since first the one(?) of us the other(?) kissed
Is't score and nine? Is't true that at this rhyme
Full five and twenty since our first was born?
Where's furious time when labor pains persist?
Last days of Army? School? Capricious time.
This poorly cadenced march deserves our scorn.


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Nothing describes what my eyes saw that day
September eleven my heart did break.
Never the same will my life again ache
Like it did on that grief-stricken Tuesday!
Not one moment goes by that I don't pray
Seeking God's face remembering with shake!
Those joyless moments when I was awake
The horror, the grief, the looks of dismay;
The days have passed my life is still in shock
Who or what can change how I feel inside.
God is my hope; He is my one true rock
He lights my life, something I can not hide.
With joy I wait for His blessings in stock
To share with the world, God's love is so wide!

Will I Find Love

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Will I find love that is just true to me
I guess I am not searching in the right place
Is there any love I will find, could it be
Someone sweet and with a beautiful face
Someone who's intelligent and sharing
There are sometimes when I think love is a joke
They have so much love and always caring
Other times I wonder if I will cope
Although I keep searching and searching for
I hope that love will not keep me waiting
I hope I will not miss loves open door
While waiting I can not come to hating
When times get tough and love is not yet found
There is always someone that you can astound


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