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I give you horses for your games in May,
And all of them well trained unto the course,--
Each docile, swift, erect, a goodly horse;
With armor on their chests, and bells at play
Between their brows, and pennons fair and gay;
Fine nets, and housings meet for warriors,
Emblazoned with the shields ye claim for yours;
Gules, argent, or, all dizzy at noonday.
And spears shall split, and fruit go flying up
In merry counterchange for wreaths that drop
From balconies and casements far above;
And tender damsels with young men and youths
Shall kiss together on the cheeks and mouths
And every day be glad with joyful love.


Di Maggio sí vi dó molti cavagli
E tutti quanti siano affrenatori,
Portanti tutti, dritti corridori,
Pettorali e testiere con sonagli,
E bandiere e coverte a molti intagli
E zendadi di tutti li colori;
Le targhe a modo degli armeggiatori,
Viole, rose e fior ch'ogni uom abbagli.
E rompere e fiaccar bigordi e lance,
E piover da finestre e da balconi
In giú ghirlande, e in sú melarance.
E pulzellette giovani e garzoni
Baciarsi ne la bocca e ne le guance:
D'amor e di goder vi si ragioni.